12 July '23

‘Barbie’ London Premiere

Today (July 12), Ryan attended the London premiere of Barbie at Cineworld Leicester Square. Ryan was wearing Gucci again and he looked so good! I love the color! Check out the gallery for the new photos!

10 July '23

‘Barbie’ Los Angeles Premiere

Yesterday (July 9), Ryan attended the Los Angeles premiere of Barbie! Ryan looked great in a pink suit from Gucci. You can find hundreds of photos of Ryan at the premiere in our gallery!

07 July '23

‘Barbie’ Mexico Photocall

Today (July 7), Ryan attended a photocall for Barbie in Mexico! He always looks great! Check out the gallery for the new photos!

07 July '23

‘Barbie’ Mexico Premiere

Yesterday (July 6), Ryan attended the Mexico City premiere of Barbie! He looked so good in a yellow Gucci suit! Check out the gallery for the new photos!

29 June '23

‘Barbie’ Toronto Fan Event

Yesterday (June 28), Ryan attended a fan event for Barbie in Toronto, Ontario. He looked sooo good in a blue Gucci suit 🔥. You can check out HQ photos of him at the event in the gallery!

25 June '23

‘Barbie’ Los Angeles Photocall

The Barbie press tour has begun! Ryan attended a photocall for the movie in Los Angeles today! Check out the new photos in the gallery!

12 June '23

The Return of Ryan Gosling

Ryan is on the Summer cover of GQ! Check out the new photoshoot in our gallery!

Ryan Gosling subscribes to what he calls an escape-room style of being an actor. This is a little theoretical, because he’s never actually been to an escape room, and he’s not totally sure what happens inside of them. “Maybe I should do one,” he says, “to see if this really works.” But the general idea is: You’re thrown into a particular set of circumstances and you’ve got to find your way out. Maybe you show up on set one day and it’s raining when it’s not supposed to be raining, Gosling says, “or this person doesn’t want to say any of that dialogue, or the neighbor’s got a leaf blower and they’re not turning it off.” What do you do next?

Over time, Gosling has discovered that this approach might apply to more than just acting. Maybe, for instance, you’re a kid growing up in a town you don’t want to be in and you’re trying to locate an exit. Maybe you’re looking for something you can’t put into words and you make movies to try to pin down whatever it is you’re looking for. Maybe you’re a person who never envisioned raising a family and then you meet the person who changes, in some radical way, how you see yourself and your future. Life comes at you, in all its unanticipated and startling particulars; the thing that makes you an artist is the way you respond.

And being open to the unexpected has served Gosling well. When he was young, his first real breakthrough came in a movie, 2001’s The Believer, about a Jewish kid from New York who becomes a neo-Nazi. Gosling was none of these things, a fact that the director, Henry Bean, turned out to like—“The fact that I wasn’t really right for it was exactly why he thought I was right for it,” Gosling says. A few years later, when Gosling was auditioning for The Notebook, he says, the director, Nick Cassavetes, “straight up told me: ‘The fact that you have no natural leading man qualities is why I want you to be my leading man.’ ” Gosling got the part; he’s been a leading man ever since.

In his youth, Gosling treated acting a little bit like therapy, or an opportunity “to teach myself about myself.” He was in search of experiences—films that could capture a mood, or a feeling. Sometimes what he was doing barely looked like acting at all. “Even though I think Ryan has watched a lot of movies, the way he acts is as if he hasn’t watched that many movies,” Emily Blunt, who first got to know Gosling on the set of David Leitch’s forthcoming movie The Fall Guy, says. For 2010’s Blue Valentine, Gosling lived for a time with his costar, Michelle Williams, in the house where they shot the film, playing the part of parents with the young actor who played their daughter. For 2011’s Drive, he and the film’s director, Nicolas Winding Refn, spent days driving across Los Angeles, listening to music, whittling away dialogue from their script until the film was purely about the unnameable sensation the two of them shared in the car. “I was trying to find a place to put all these things that were happening to me,” Gosling says. “And these films became ways to do that, like time capsules.” For Only God Forgives, Refn’s next film, Gosling spent months in Thailand before shooting began, training in Muay Thai camps, learning to fight. “And I don’t think I did Muay Thai once in that film,” Gosling says. Refn changed plans. Gosling was okay with it. “I didn’t do the film to do Muay Thai,” he says.

And then something interesting happened, or maybe—in the manner of life—a few things happened, and the way Gosling worked began to change. In 2014, he and his partner, Eva Mendes, with whom he starred in The Place Beyond the Pines, had their first kid, and then in 2016, their second, both daughters. Gosling started to act in fewer independent movies and more studio films, like La La Land and Blade Runner 2049. These were movies, as Gosling describes them to me, “for an audience.” And then, for four years, he didn’t appear in anything at all.

Read more at GQ.com

22 July '22

Ryan Visits The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Ryan visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night! You can find photos from his appearance and his interview below!

21 July '22

Ryan Visits Good Morning America

This morning, Ryan visited Good Morning America to talk about The Gray Man! You can watch his interview below and see some photos of him from outside the studios.

21 July '22

‘The Gray Man’ London Premiere

On Tuesday (July 19), Ryan attended The Gray Man premiere in London, England at BFI Southbank. Every look on this press tour has been so good. Check out all the new photos in the gallery!

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